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St Wilfrid the Apostle of Sussex, Catholic Saxon Saint

Feast day: October 12

From the Youtube post:

Saxon Bishop St. Wilfrid tells his story in this interesting and enjoyable half an hour film. Famous for working miracles in Sussex when he was banished by the King of Northumbria and set about converting the South Saxon pagans, this film looks in detail at his historical and devotional life from his very beginnings through to his holy death.

Often recalled with disdain by historians for his part in the Council of Whitby, when this devout Bishop favoured unity with Rome in the dating of Easter and thus solidified the bonds with the Catholic Church for England, St. Wilfrid takes the viewer/listener through his intriguing journey including his pilgrimage to Rome, his encounter with St. Etheldreda and his important part in the Catholic Church of Saxon England.

A creative blend of historical paintings, artwork, maps and imagery combine with footage of nature and a selection of simple yet creative costumed visuals of St. Wilfrid and those involved in his tale.

This is a creative way to learn the life of St. Wilfrid with visual aids to help the narrative flow.

What you will hear:

The life of St. Wilfrid in a narrative for the whole length of the film told from his own point of view. He will tell you his story. Original music to accompany the narrative composed and performed by Bernadette Bevans.

What you will see:

Historical images, maps, footage of nature; sacred art, devotional art; simple costumed visuals of St. Wilfrid to help aid the narrative.


The film runs for 30 minutes.

Target Audience:

The film is suitable for all ages, aimed mainly at Catholics with an understanding of the Faith and an appreciation for the spiritual life. This film has had excellent feedback and is popular on EWTN. The film is useful for classrooms and parishes.

The producers:

Mary’s Dowry Productions was established in 2007. The films presenting the lives of the Saints and Martyrs of the Church provide original and simple ways to share the stories and words of these heroic examples of the Faith.