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Our Lady of the Miralculous Medal

From the Youtube post:

Saint Catherine Laboure and the Miraculous Medal

We find our Angel and a future Saint in Paris, one of the most sophisticated cities in the world. Hidden away on a side street, sandwiched in between two annexes of a giant department store, is the chapel where it all began. From the street, all that can be seen is the address, 140 Rue du Bac, and a little plaque showing the front and back of the Miraculous Medal. It’s hardly noticeable to the bustling shoppers trying to avoid the cars that race down the street at breakneck speed. A little sign reads La Chapelle de Medaille Miracleuse (Chapel of the Miraculous Medal). As you open the door and step into the courtyard, the contrast is incredible. Outside is a jungle of humanity, embracing the world and all its trappings. Inside, a peace and serenity embrace you, blanket you. You find yourself drawn to the end of the courtyard, where it all began, 150 years ago.