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Our Lady of Lourdes

From the Youtube post:

Lourdes is such a tribute to, and affirmation of, the love and care, the concern, patience, and attention that is showered on us by our Heavenly Family. It is also a magnificent prayer of faith the world has been given in the the desire of Our Sweet Mary, Bernadette’s Aquero (Dear One), to take care of our physical and spiritual needs. The natural question we are asked after we have visited Lourdes is, “Did you see any miracles, any cures in Lourdes?”

Praise you, Jesus, we have seen so many miracles, so many gifts from Son to Mother, and Mother to children. Lourdes is the Wedding Feast of Cana, multiplied a thousand fold. We can just picture Jesus and Mary up in heaven. “Mother, it’s not my problem”, and Mary, just smiling, saying to us “Do whatever He tells you”. Miracles abound in Lourdes.